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We take care of your vehicle

check engine


Did that light on the Instrument cluster just come on?

ABS, Check engine, Air Bag, SRS, TPMS or any other warning lamp.  These lights are the only way the vehicle computers can tell you there is something wrong.  Don’t let the issue grow, we will diagnose any light and any drive ability symptom fast and efficiently.  Thousands of hours of updated training preparing to provide you with the best  Diagnostics.   Give us a call to set up an appointment now.

  • Engine Performance- Rough running, low fuel mileage, hesitation, stalling, smoke.
  • Warning Lamps-  Check Engine, SRS, ABS, Traction Control, Warning Triangle, any other warning lamp we can diagnose the fault.
  • Electrical-  Electrical issues from a window that does not open or close, lights not functioning, battery drain, power seats
  • Mechanical- Noises from engine, suspension steering
  • Starting and Charging-  Comprehensive starting and charging system test to find any faults
  • Oem Level Diagnostics for the majority of makes and models makes trips to the dealer zero.
  • Hybrid Vehicle warnings
  • Electrical Gremlins in your Classic or Hotrod